If the laptop or the computer is the brain of your home studio, the microphone is definitely a big part of the sensorial system of your setup. The mic is used to record vocals or instruments, and you need to buy the best mic you can afford, because it is the first piece of your recording chain.
If you watch the video above, you will see the best microphones money can buy. Ok, they are not the best of the best, because a top-notch mic can go up to $20,000. I guess your budget is around $500, so we should stick to that and buy the best of whatever we can afford. After getting the microphone, remember to get the microphone stand and some cables. If your recording booth/area is away from the computer, buy a longer cable. Another important piece is the pop filter. Be sure to get one.

Here are the affordable (but not cheap!) microphones presented in the video above, along with prices and links (info, pictures and features). Every each one has great reviews, so don't worry about getting a lame product.

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