Music is everywhere these days, and one way or another, it is a part of our life. Listening to music all day, make us wanna express ourselves through it. And, we ask ourselves this questions:
  • Can I make music in my own home?
  • What do I need to make music at home?
Before finding the answers to these questions, you should know that making music has changed a lot through the last decades. If making music before 2000 was going to big recording studios and paying large amounts of money for studio time, nowadays almost every artist has their own recording studio in their own home. So, having a home studio at home is not that awkward like it used to be. Now, it's time to answer those two questions.

Can I make music in my own home?
Yes, you can make music in your own home at reasonable prices. The advantages of making music in your own home is the budget. You will pay only once for the recording equipment, and you can use it forever (you get the idea!).

What do I need to make music at home?
In order to make music at home you need to buy an affordable recording setup. The first piece of any home recording setup is the computer/laptop. Everyone owns a laptop these days, so I guess you don't need to buy this. I will get into more details of the other pieces of your home recording studios in a further post, but for now you should know that you need to buy at least these items:
Click any of these affordable items to learn more about them, and how you should choose them. Also, don't forget to check my home studio setup under $1000.